Communication steps, as part of a workflow process, can automatically be processed without agent involvement. SMS messages are automatically generated at the right time and sent using our unique throttling capabilities; email messages are generated and sent automatically as part of a process; and due documents are generated and printed in bulk.



With SMS functionality at very competitive bulk rates, you can afford to send thousands of SMSs at a time. Cost aside, our unique SMS throttling functionality allows you to specify how many SMS messages should be sent per minute to ensure that call centres are not flooded with phone calls after thousands of SMSs are sent out.



Automated Dialing is a fast and efficient way of reaching many clients in the shortest possible time. In so doing, automated dialing drives efficiency and profitability, and streamlines call activities for optimal performance and productivity from call centre agents. The VoyagerNetz Dialer Integration works in conjunction with third party automated dialer programs and enables you to manage your outbound automated phone call activities through your VoyagerNetz solution.



Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, working in conjunction with the VoyagerNetz Click-to-dial Extension, allows for voice communications over the internet and is the future of low-cost, high-gain dialing campaigns. A simple click is all that is required to contact debtors directly from your ARMNetz Solution and updates to back-end data systems at the click of button.



The Email Extension allows you to create custom email templates, merged with your choice of case data, that are automatically sent according to selected criteria.



Generating and printing bulk documents, merged with necessary case data, is quick and efficient with SAP Crystal Reports and the Bulk Action Utility - no agent involvement is necessary. Your ARMNetz Solution also comes pre-populated with all the legal documents in exactly the format required by the courts to compliantly generate, preview and print any letters of demand, summonses, judgements, warrants, court notices, and court orders.